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Inad Theater is a non-profit cultural institution licensed by the Palestinian Ministries of Interior and Culture.

The idea of Inad Theatre first emerged under the name of “Beit Jala Theatre Group,” because of its location in Beit Jala in the Bethlehem district. As the group developed and grew, it decided to incorporate under the name, "Inad Centre for Theatre and Art."

The main interest of Inad Theatre is children's theatre, where we focus on producing children's plays, bringing children into our productions and presenting them throughout our country to spread awareness and appreciation of theater among the new generation and to educate children about their rights and individual dignity.

Drama and theatre education are critical to our goals.  We conduct drama and theatre workshops at schools and help form theatre groups of students to further develop the students' personalities and give them supportive behavioral, emotional, mental, and physical direction.

Children's theatre is another critical element in Inad Theatre's repertoire and consists of special productions aimed at young children. Inad hopes to engage children at a young age and maintain theatrical communication with them as they grow up.

Through the children and young people Inad theatre has managed to access the Palestinian society in a very specialized way that allows it to address certain critical social issues concerning family matters, gender equality, religious tolerance, and those of special needs.

Additionally, Inad Theatre supports a free library at its studio in Beit Jala with reference book and specialized research for those in the community interested in learning more about drama and the history of theatre.

Inad Theatre has produced many important theatrical works that have traveled through many Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps. Some of the productions have even gone abroad and participated in international and Arabic festivals.


1_To establish a professional theatre group in the southern West Bank.

2_To provide access to theatre and arts to the 200,000 residents of the region.

3_To develop and perform children’s theatre.

4_To encourage and provide support to Palestinian writers and playwrights.

5_To encourage and facilitate the incorporation of theatre education in Palestinian curricula.

6_To assist in the development of the Palestinian theatre movement.

7_To address social problems existing in Palestinian society through theatre productions, with particular attention paid to issues of gender, domestic violence, and drug abuse.

8_To assist in the building of a sound civil society, by producing theatre works which emphasize respect for

    human rights , democracy, and pluralism.

9_To establish relations with other Arab and foreign theatre groups.


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