Inclusive Theater


"Let us work together to replace despair with HOPE, fear with HUMAN SECURITY and humiliation with DIGNITY."

Inclusive theater is a program run by Inad Theater that encourages the active participation and eventual integration of people with disabilities into the stream of performing arts. It makes a unique contribution to Palestinian theater by giving insight into people with disabilities and by adding its own dimension to any piece of work it undertakes. It performs an educative role by raising issues related to disability and by bringing the subject of disability to the awareness of the public and by performing to traditionally non-theatre audiences. Inclusive theater engages brilliantly with both disabled and non-disabled audiences by championing accessibility and providing a platform for new generations of artists. 

Inad Theater believes that personal narratives are created out of prevalent cultural narratives; the stories that we tell through theater affect our individual life stories. Inad Theater has had many positive experiences with children with disablities. Some examples of these successful experiences include: 

      1) Ranim, a blind girl from Al-Shorouq Center trained with us and performed the role of the Little Match Girl as well as 10 other performances.

      2) Mariam, a girl with paralysis, performed the role of the Little Match Girl while on the wheelchair.

      3) A group of individuals with different disabilities trained on a play and performed it brilliantly. They also participated in a show tour in Germany.

Inad Theater is looking forward to creating integration programs that will especially work on training and teaching individuals with disabilities different theatrical and acting techniques. Seeing as the disabled are a marginalized group in society, Inad Theater looks forward to empowering and encouraging them, as well as giving them new hope for a better future. Inad Theater hopes to reach out to greater amounts of disabled individuals, especially in the northern region of Palestine. The northern region, such as Hebron, has an increasing number of disabled individuals due to consanguineous marriage and lack of awareness about disablity. Inad Theater is looking forward to stretching out a helping hand to those in need and enabling them in a unique way, as it realizes the full potential of theater and drama in driving a new era of development, growth, and productivity in the community.