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إرسال إلى صديق طباعة PDF

Special Thanks for all who support our work and cooperate with us and believe in our goals

نتقدم بجزيل الشكر لكل من دعمنا وتعاون معنا وآمن بأهدافنا

Muchas gracias para todos aquellos que soportan nuestra labor y coperan con nosotros y creen en nuestra metas

Palestinian Ministry of Culture

Palestinian Ministry of Education

Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture



World Vision

Ford Foundation

Save The Children US

Save The Children UK


Danish Representative Office

Pontifical Mission 

Holly Land Trust 

Women Study Center

British Consulate in Jerusalem

Fair Trade Development

U.S.A Consulate in Jerusalem

Theater Day Production

The Dramatic Institute, Sweden- SIDA

French Cultural Centre, Jerusalem

The British Council (Jerusalem)

Catholic Relief Services, Jerusalem


YMCA- Beit Sahour

Rural Women Development Society (RWDS)

To donate for Inad Theater:

Inad Center for the Theatre and Arts
Arab Bank
Acount No.: 715004-0/510
Branch: Bethlehem