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Doctor Clown

إرسال إلى صديق طباعة

Doctor Clown


For many years INAD theater had worked with children in different fields and under all circumstances. INAD theater was the first organization that implemented the Dr.Clown idea in Palestinian hospitals. Our essential goal when we started the project was to put back the smiles on the children's faces.  

Dr Clown supports the young patients during difficult treatments and as well as the parents and the medical staff. Dr Clown meets the children inside the hospital, plays, sings and dances with them. The mission is to bring joy and laughter and thus boost the morale support during the treatments.    

INAD theater is honored to extend its sincere thanks to the Palestinian Ministry of Health for its support of this project and to the distinguished managers of the hospitals in Beit Jala and Hebron Governmental Hospital and the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, as well as Caritas Hospital in Bethlehem.

INAD theater is also pleased to extend its sincere gratitude for 

RED NOSES – CLOWNDOCTORS INTERNATIONAL for their faith in the importance of

establishing the project in Palestine and for the support with the training for the clowns

The Administrative Team

  • Artistic Director - Khalid Massou

  • Administrative Director - Samia Abu Hmud

  • Artistic Consultancy - Giora Seeliger

  • Project Consultancy - Monica Culen

  • The Trainers

              Gary Edwards -  Martin Kotal Giora Seeliger


The Clown's Team

  • Grace Sabat

  • Yazan Gareeb

  • Ibrahim Abed Al Qader

  • Tarek Zboun

  • Ezat El Natche

  • Daoud Totah

  • Khalid Massou

The Donors

  1. RED NOSES Clowndoctors  International

  2. Peace for Jerusalem

  3. British Consulate in Jerusalem

  4. Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

  5. European Commission/EACEA

  6. Beit Jala Municipality

Envisaged hospitals 

  1. Beit Jala Governmental Hospital

  2. Hebron Governmental Hospital

  3. Palestine Medical Complex 


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