The phenomenon of violence against women is a flagrant violation of human rights. It is also a form of sex-based discrimination and is therefore contrary to numerous international conventions, in particular the United Nations Charter and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, which demands international efforts to eliminate violence against women. At Inad, we believe that all members of society are responsible for the existence of this phenomenon and for its remedy: if violence against women is acceptable only by social convention, then the community also has the power to eradicate it.

ENOUGH is a play that talks about the negative effects of violence against women and its direct impact on the psychological wellbeing of the children in the family. It was designed to create awareness surrounding this issue within the community.

Written & directed by Khalid Massou
The cast : Yasmen Hamar

                Daniela Massou
                Ibrahim Abed Alqader
                Khalid Massou

This production was produced by Rural Women's Development Society.

lFor the first time, we also produced and presented this play with another cast in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza Cast:
Director : Yosri Magare
lThe cast : Nofod Sorur
                Riham Safade
                Mohamad Abo Qwek
                Jamel Yosri

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