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A Paper from Al-Ramleh

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A Paper from Al-Ramleh


A Paper from Al-Ramleh is a tragedy, performed as a monodrama,  adapted from two short stories: “A Paper from Ramleh” written by Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani  and Syran writer Sa’dallah Wannuos' “The Elephant, the King of all Time.” The play was produced by Inad Theatre in cooperation with Tamer Institute for the 50 Year Nakbah Anniversary.

Kanafani's “A Paper from Al-Ramleh” is a monodrama that talks about the Israeli attacks on and occupation of Palestinian towns and villages and the massacres committed against the our people.

“The Elephant, the King of all Time” symbolically portrays the relation between the people and the authority in power.



Adapted, directed and acted by: Khaled Massou
The play is followed by a workshop.  
Length of play: 45 minutes
Number of Youth: 150-200
Age Group: 14 years old & over