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Until When…?!

إرسال إلى صديق طباعة PDF


Until When…?!

u1The whole world has been exposed to some of the news of what is happening in Palestine. What people all over the word do not see or hear, however, are the personal human hardships that deprive the Palestinians of some their basic needs and rights on a daily basis. In this production, we try to show some of these human hardships and experiences.


Produced By Inad Theatre
Material Collection Improvisations by members of Inad Theatre

Directed by:


Raeda Ghazaleh

Abeer Massou
Khalid Massou
Sami Mitwasi
Manal Awad
Ruba Subhi
Nicola Zreineh

Production Management: Marina Barham
Music by: Karl Brothers (Sweden)
Tommy Adolfsson
Jorgen Adolfsson
Sound Technician: Issam Rashmawi
Set Production: Monk Youhanna Michael
Stella Barham
Costume Design: Niveen Kharoufeh
Costume Prodcution: Stella Barham
Brochure: Craetive Ad
Age group: 14 and over (Adults) (No children allowed)


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