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Bridge to Eternity

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Bridge to Eternity

b“Bridge to Eternity” is a play written by Palestinian writer, Ghassan Kanafani. The play was originally written for the Radio, but was never transmitted. The play is a story of two young people, Faris and Raja’, who are trying to find common understanding in a place and a time where feelings of guilty and loneliness are spreading. It talks about the issues young people face in our community and how these problems mold their thinking.

The play was produced in 1996 by Inad Theatre and Theatre Day Production and won a number of awards in international and regional festivals. It was performed in Holland, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine.

Directed by: Jan Willems
Actors: Yasmeen Hammar & Khalid Massou
Designed by Jackie Lube
Music Selection  Rami & Farid Shehadeh
Dramaturgy by Ahmad Rafiq Awad
Sound Effects & Sound Mix Misha Shulga
First Assistant Vivian Sansour
Second Assistant Sami Mitwassi
Assistant to the Designer Nancy Izhak
Set Construction Imad Samara & Ramsi Sheikh Qassam
Technichn Ibrahim Abed Al-Qader
The play is followed by a workshop:  


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