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From Within US

إرسال إلى صديق طباعة

From Within Us

As members of the Palestinian community, we feel that we have been going through a time of frustration and depression caused by the terrible situation we are living through. We decided to present a drama piece which provoke people and make them see and criticize themselves through it .


"From Within Us"  is a collection of scenes from real life which reflect the daily worries and suffering of the Palestinian individual . The actors are characters taken from a community living under appalling economic and political conditions.  The scenes are presented within a framework of political satire.





Written & Directed by

 Khalid Massou
Actors Khalid Massou – Ruba Subhi – Abeer Massou- Nicola Zreineh -Mohmmed Awwad


Inad  Theatre

Set Production Stella Barham – Issa Umaiyyah – Ruba Subhi
Costumes Ruba Subhi
Lighting Mohmmed Awwad
Sound Technician Isam Rashmawi
Production Management Marina Barham
Produced by  Inad Theatre


عرض مسرحية منا فينا في مسرح الفينيق بمخيم دهيشة