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The Wall

إرسال إلى صديق طباعة

The Wall

The Palestinian people have passed through several stages in their struggle against the Occupation.

Today, we are at a new stage, one during which our people face a wall that separates them from their livelihood and from their right to live with dignity and freedom.

Inad Theatre was able, through this performance, to convey the daily suffering of the Palestinian people during the different stages of their lives.

This theatre piece shows its audience images of different individuals from the Palestinian community in front of the apartheid wall. The play features real human memories from before and after the wall .

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Directed by Erica Giovanni
Text Khalid Massou  & Ruba Subhi
Actors Khalid Massou  &  Ruba Subhi
Music composed by Omar Abbad
Singing Sahar Khalifeh
Costume Nicola Zreineh
Production Marina Barham
Ttanslation in English Marina Barham
Ttanslation in German Sulaiman Abu Dayyeh